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    Rules & Info

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    Rules & Info

    Post by Shagoth Dhur on Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:25 pm

    1. When entering for the first time on the server, each player must erase all his force points. He can keep only the Saber Attack and Defence points on. Do this anytime you go online on our server; keep only your allowed force points after you earned them from your Master. Any player who doesn't follow this specific rule, is gonna be banned or kicked out immediately!
    2. Don't attack any player without permission from your Master.
    3. All Masters are prohibited to allow any attack or aggression on other players from their respective apprentices without a permission or special order from their respective Council (Jedi or Sith)

    4. The ranks are in this order:
    For Jedi Order: Padawan - Jedi - Jedi Knight - Jedi Master - Jedi Consular - Jedi Grand Master
    For Sith Order: Sith Padawan - Sith - Sith Knight - Sith Master - Sith Consular - Sith Lord

    5. Every rank has its name tag:
    For Jedi Order: Padawan has <Pad> ; Jedi has <J> ; Jedi Knight has <JK> ; Jedi Master has <JM> ; Jedi Consular has <JC> ; the Jedi Grand Master has <JGM>
    For Sith Order: Sith Padawan has <SP> ; Sith has <S> ; Sith Knight has <SK> ; Sith Master has <SM> ; Sith Consular has <SC> and the Sith Lord has <SL>
    Never forget to use your specific name tag!
    Example: <JGM> Shagoth Dhur

    6. The Jedi Grand Master is Shagoth Dhur and the Sith Lord yet to be entitled ; these ranks can have only one person entitled
    7. All the other ranks can have multitple players entitled
    8. Events will be planned by the JGM and SL together and they will be posted on Events section immediately as they are planned. An event means that all the players will fight (under their respective Masters orders) on a designated map
    9. Every player (besides JGM and SL) must follow all their orders from the superiors and misconduct will lead on immediate kick out and a possible ban
    10. Don't forget that this is a Roleplaying server and everybody will follow the rules!
    11. Any player who doesn't follow a rule or an order can be kicked out or even banned without any warning by the admin (Shagoth Dhur)
    12. The server runs only on GameRanger and it is hosted only with the official tag "Star Wars RPG" by JGM or any other player designated only by him
    13. Here we have speech rules: for any action intended, use <<>> ; example: <<Goes in his chamber>>
    For any thought, use: ** ; example: *I think i'm gonna train with my Master now!*
    For any other actions outside Roleplay, use: (()) ; example: ((Hey, dude, how are you?)) This will be used only when you are off RP!
    14. Be sure to register on forum and come often to check for private messages, orders etc. This is mandatory!

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